Adele Periconi

The Adele's

An Adele An Adele An Adele

This will be an unusual section. By that I mean there were believed to have been some three Adele's that were born into this family. None of the three girls reached maturity, each dying young for one reason or another.

In a recient trip to New York, we discovered a birth record for one Adele. The record indicated that the child was born on 8 January 1908. It said that the father was thirty five and the mother was twenty seven years old. In addition, the Certificate and Record of Birth stated there were four previous children born to the household and that there were three living in all. This could be the second Adel. One should recall, at that time in history, midwifes were used quite a bit. Also, even when the birthing went well it could have been days, weeks, months or the birth was never reported to the city office. If the baby lived to be baptized, many times at the baptism the date of birth was recorded, but in the church records only. If the child died soon after birth or during birth then maybe only a death record might have been recorded.

Much investigating still remains. We will just keep trying to fill in the missing pieces as best we can.

Pictures will not be available. There was only one picture of my father at about the age of eight and then none until he starting taking them at the age of eighteen, which was many years after the Adele's had passed. My father never had any recollections of these sister(s).

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