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Anna Mario's siblings.

The Marino family consisted of Anna who was the oldest and one brother, Anthony. There are some NEED A PICTURE boxes in this section. Help will be appreciated in filling these blanks.

Anna Marino
Anna Marino
Joseph F.Periconi Sr
Joseph F.Periconi Sr.

       Anna Marino    was born 14 January 1881 in Manhattan, New York.  
     Anna married Joseph Frances Periconi Sr. on 11 February 1900. Joseph was
     born in Calabria, Italy on 2 July 1872.

Joseph was a barber by trade, as was his father before him. He however always wanted to better himself and became a court translator for the many uneducated Italian immagrants who for one reason or another found themselves in court before a judge. A note worthy comment that is mentioned in other locations in this site is the fact Joseph kept his youth to himself. Not one but many of those who knew him mentioned that whenever a question came up of the 'old' country, Joseph would change the subject or stop responding. There are many interpretations given for this attitude but we will never know for sure. I was not yet born so I never had the opportunity to ask.

Circa. 1912
Young Anna, Friends and Family
Standing (left & middle) friends of Anna
(extreme right ) Anna Periconi
Sitting (left to right)
Josephine Periconi future Mrs. LoCascio
Grace Periconi future Mrs. Zimmatore
and Joseph Jr.

Anthony Marino
Mrs. Marino
Mrs.Anthony Marino
Anthony Marino was born about 1883 in Manhattan, New York. Anthony did get married, but we don't have that information, yet. Remember this is a work in progress.

We would appreciate anyone having information on Anthony Marino and/or his decendant's to contact us throught this web site. Thank You.

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