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  9 Dec #12 . As one can see there have been a few years since any serious changes have
              been made to this site. Every program has had some changes to it and a new
              banner is in the works that will unite the three families. As always, any
              suggestions will be taken underadverisement and are welcome. Paul Periconi

  6 Apr #08 . This is the first change in 2007 and the first in about two years. All
              the html files have had their keywords updated so they are all the 
              same. I am sure there will be more changes to come in the near future
              with more pictures taken from my mother and fathers picture albums when
              they were younger.

 28 Dec #07 . Made minor change to grace.html

 31 May #06 . June birthdays entered. No much has been done. So little
              information. No contacts in Italy or anywhere else for 
              that fact.

 12 Sep #05 . September birthday entered. Made minor change to home

 21 Aug #04 . Introduction of Lydia Periconi to the family

 18 Mar #03 . Minor changes to nearly all the html files. April
              birthdays entered

 26 Feb #02 . Date change; news_us. & descendants. added; corrected
              sibling order; added different reference to screens

 14 Feb #01 . Introduction to the Internet of  PericoniFamily.Com.

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