The Grace Periconi Zimmatore Family

Grace Periconi Family

About 1921
 John Zimmatore
Grace Periconi John Zimmatore

            Grace Periconi was born 4 December 1901 in Manhattan, New York. She married John Zimmatore about 1921 and 
                    they had two children, John and Joseph. 

John Zimmatore Jr.
John Jr.

     Of the two brothers, I remember John the most. During my younger years there were a
     number of visits by John, his wife (Rose) and their son (Jr). Both of the brothers 
     are gone now. I haven't seen John's son JR since he was just a small lad though I 
     was in communication with him by email a few years ago until he stopped writing. 

     At that time he and I believe he indicated Rose, his mother, were living around 
     the Atlanta, Ga. area. I am hoping someday JR will pick up the email craze again 
     and drop a line and maybe include a story or two. I can be contacted through this
     web site or Paul Periconi at Paul_Periconi@Yahoo.Com

       Joseph Zimmatore never married.

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