The Helen Mankoff Family

Helen Periconi Family

Helen Periconi
11 August 1945
Louis Mankoff
Helen Periconi Louis Mankoff

Aunt Helen and Uncle Lou were quite a team. Ops, let me back up a little. There is a little story that goes with these two. They were married 11 August 1945 by an Alderman of the City of New York. That isn't the most interesting part of the story. You see the two had a long courtship. How long exactly we will probably never know. The reason for the long courtship was that my grandfather, Helen's father, forbid her to marry out of the faith. Now Lou was Russian and believed to be Jewish, and it was possible that was the reason. Helen honored her fathers wishes and they didn't get married until nearly a whole year passed from the time her father died. I dare any parent to try that today !

They never had any children and before Lou passed away in 1969 they had moved to Florida. There was the occasional visit to New York to visit, but we didn't see them much after they moved. I can't say with much certainty the relationship that existed between my father and his younger sister but there was a rumor that when Helen passed in 1992 my father had someone else handle the funeral arrangements. I have to think possitively and from my possition my father died three years later and so in 1992 his health wasn't the best and travel from New York to Florida was probably more than he could manage. Also a big question was what happened to her personal belongings, no not furniture, but papers she may have had about the family. We are in possition of at least one letter from my Aunt Helen and from the script one could tell she was very educated and observant for she seemed even from Florida to be able to see people for what they were.

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