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The Parents of Joseph F. Periconi Sr.

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Giovanni Pericone
Need a Picture
Grazia Spinella
   Giovanni 'John' Pericone was my grandfathers father. He was born 12 October 1844 
   in southern Italy. 
   One might notice the difference in the spelling of the last name. Pericone was 
   spelt with an "e" at the end back then.  There is a story behind that, and we will 
   cover it in due time.

   For clarity, both of my grandfather's parents were born in southern Italy, in a small town
   called Calabria.  On one visit to southern Italy, my younger brother discovered that 
   Calabria is divided into upper and lower Calabria. I don't know if the concept of uptown 
   and downtown sparks the concept or not. More important is the fact my brother discoverd 
   the actual city Giovanni came from. 

   It is important because you see my grandfather, Joseph F. Periconi Sr., was very tight lipped about giving people information on where 
   specifically he was from; anything about his childhood or any other information regarding his youth, upbringing or family. Not having 
   him to ask why, I will refrain from guessing. 

   Some have made the suggestion that he was in America and that he wanted to forget the 'Old' country!  That was certainly a good reason.

   I just remembered something else my brother mentioned on his return from that trip. The people in Calabria were open and friendly. However,
   he observed that the township itself seemed like a recent war zone.  One explanation was that an earthquake had taken place in the early 
   nineteen hundreds. Since there still existed rubble and there weren't many new buildings, it could only be conclude that this area is a 
   very impovished one. Could my grandfather have been embarrased or ashamed of his home town, I don't know. My brother visited this area in 
   the mid nineteen nineties.

   My grandfather's mother was Grazia 'Grace' Maria Spinella. Grace was born 28 December 1847. She was also born in the same area as my great 
   grandfather. I am sure there must be a photo somewhere of the two of them together. I will keep searching for one and will update this 
   section when its found.

  The union of these two people produced four aires, three male and one female. The oldest child was my grandfather Joseph F. Periconi. 
  Following Joseph was his sister Mary, a brother Domingo and the youngest member of the family, John.

  Additional information about my grandfather and his siblings can be found by clicking on "Joseph's Siblings" at the bottom of this page.

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