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Joseph F. Periconi Sr.'s siblings.

The Periconi family consisted of Joseph who was the oldest, followed by Mary, Domingo and John. There are a number of NEED A PICTURE boxes in this section. Help will be required to fill them.

Joseph F Periconi Sr.
Joseph Periconi Sr.
Anna Periconi
Anna Marino

    Joseph Francis Periconi Sr.  was born 2 July 1872 in Calabria, Italy.  

    Anna Marino his wife was born in Manhattan, New York on the 14 January 1881.

    They married on the 11 February 1900 and remained in the New York area during  
    their forty four years together. Children that survied to adulthood were
    Grace, Josephine, Joseph Jr. (my father) and Helen.

Need a Picture
Need a Picture
John Crisera

    Mary Periconi was born about July 1878, in Calabria, Italy.
    John Crisera was born about 1862 in VillaSan Giovanni, Italy.

    They were married about 1897 in Manhattan, New York. Their marriage brought 
    them seven children:
          Harry, Sadie, Jean, Samuel, Joseph, Josephine and Mary. 

    My wife communicated with Harry many years ago while we were living in California.
    I believe we have the original letter and envelope. Also of interest is the fact that
    some of the male decendants of Mary and John Crisera changed the spelling of
    their last name. A story, not necessarly the correct one, said it was to make the spelling of their last name easier. Two versions of their 
    last name are "Criss" and "Christine". In the time of Mary and John, spelling of ones name was not as it would be today. Many in those days
    did not read or write. Also, if an error was found, money would not be wasted on the name being changed through a legal system. 
    I don't know if we will ever find out for sure, why they changed their last name.

Domingo Periconi
Elizabeth Millspaugh
Elizabeth Millspaugh
   Domingo F. M. Periconi was born 22 January 1883 in Reggio,Calabria,Italy. 

    Elizabeth M. Millspaugh his wife was born about 1885 in New York State.  

    They were married around 1910. They had one son Eugene Alexis Periconi.

    Domingo was an artist. His paintings can still be found by searching some of 
    the current art web sites. His speciality, western themes, can be found on
    the front cover of many magazines. 
    The other day while searching the internet for information, I came across
    a reference to Domingo F. Periconi. In the article, he was credited with 
    doing the cover's on the following magazines:

             Sangroo the Sun-God.  1931. in:Jungle Stories, August 1931, vol 1 #1.
              H.A. McComas, ed. .$.25. 160 pp. New York. Clayton Magazines, Inc.

                       Trumpeting Herd, The.  1931. in: Jungle Stories, October 1931, vol 1 #2.
                        H.A. McComas, ed. .$.25. 160 pp. New York. Clayton Magazines, Inc.

                                 Sangroo the Sun-God.  1931. in:Jungle Stories, August 1931, vol 1 #1.
                                  H.A. McComas, ed. .$.25. 160 pp. New York. Clayton Magazines, Inc.

   I have met his grandson, David and his family and hope they will continue to provide pictures and other exciting stories of Domingo's life.  
   David, has two grown children a son; a daughter and two grandchildren.

John Periconi
Concetta Periconi.
Concetta Azana
      John Periconi was born 28 July 1885.

      Concetta Azana became John's wife though the year is unknown 
      to us at this time. We have no knowledge if John and Concetta had any children. 
      Please help us out. If you have some information on John and/or Concetta please 
      contact us through this web site or email Paul Periconi at Paul_Periconi@Yahoo.Com

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