The Josephine Lo Cascio Family

Josephine Periconi Family

Josephine Periconi

 Paul LoCascio
Josephine Periconi Paul LoCascio

Gloria LoCascio .
Ross LoCascio .
    Josephine Periconi was born 9 September 1903 in Manhattan, New York.
   She married Paul LoCascio who was born about 1901 also of Manhattan,
   New York. They had two children, Gloria and Ross.
I was most familiar with Ross because he would visit my parents and because he owned a business just a few blocks away. It started out as just a bowling alley-bar, but over the years Ross purchased other neighboring properties which he turned into a small Italian restaurant. I wasn't much into bowling, but the food was excellant.
During the few years following that time, I went into the service, married and moved three thousand miles away from New York. That is a story for another day.
A point of interest. Both of these two pictures, Gloria on the left and Ross on the right, where taken on 15 August 1945. The two of them were with, I guess we could call it the wedding party, of Helen Periconi and Lou Mankoff who were married on that day in Manhattan, New York.

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