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Meet The Periconi's

 1900 Wedding Picture
There is no wedding picture at the left, however one must exist. If it were there it would show my grandfather and grandmother on 11 February 1900, their wedding day.

To start with my grandfather Joseph F. Periconi, Sr. passed away just under a year before I was born, so I have no personal stories to tell.

What I know of him comes from recollections of conversations when I was small were he was discussed. There is a love letter he sent my grandmother dated 1899 which I feel I can share, and I will put it into the site a little later on. The love letter tells of a passionate man, a man in love with the girl of his dreams. I suppose the passion and romantic nature comes from his heritage.

I have mentioned else where that my grandfather never volunteered information about the 'old' country. It was commented by a number of those who knew him that he wouldn't even answer questions about the town he was born in nor any information about his family, siblings, or upbringing. Ah for a time capsule !

My father's side of the family was different that my mother's. No, I didn't know that when growing up and of course now it is impossible to ask anyone who can supply the answer to the question, why this was. For anyone who is reading this, take note. If you are seriously considering doing a history on your family, NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO START. You can decide on what you do with the information later. So much for the Monday night quarterback.

This difference is hard to explain. Certainly when two get married the norm is to do one holiday with one set of in-laws and the next holiday with the next. Of course contention arises in the picking of the holiday. I have come up with a solution to that problem. JUST MOVE AWAY. My wife and I didn't plan to live many hundreds of miles from our inlaws, it just happened.

My grandfather passed away before I was born as I said earlier, and one of my father's older sisters passed away a few years after I was born. My fathers' younger sister moved to Florida and so that just left my grandmother, my father and one aunt. This was a small family. That is to say compared to my mothers' side.

Joseph and Anna Periconi spent some fourty four years together. During these many years, much happened in the world. Some of these events may even have effected the way they lived, what they thought and how they may have acted.

Breaking time into decade slots seems to be one way to cover their history together.

In this section I have included samplings from politics, medicine, science and I have throw in a rumor or two just to keep it interesting.

1900 - 1909
  1. Joseph Periconi and Anna Marino were married 11 February 1900.
  2. William Howard Taft became the 27th President of the United States 1909 - 1913.

1910 - 1919
  1. On April 14, 1912, the Titanic sank after hitting an iceberg drowning 1,595 people.
  2. Woodrow Wilson became the 28th President of the United States 1913 - 1921.

1920 - 1929
  1. Warren G. Harding became the 29th President of the United States 1921 - 1923.
  2. Calvin Coolidge became the 30th President of the United States 1923 - 1929.
  3. 1927 Charles Lindbergh fly's alone nonstop from New York to Paris in 33.5 hours.

1930 - 1939

  1. Herbert C. Hover became the 31st President of the United States 1929 - 1933.
  2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt became the 32nd President of the United States 1933 - 1945.
  3. 02 August 1936 Joseph F. Periconi Jr. married Rosemary.
  4. 1937, Italy withdrew from the League of Nations.

1940 - 1949
  1. Germany and Italy declared war on the United States in 1941.
  2. Grandpa Periconi passed away 22 September 1944.
  3. Harry S. Truman became the 33rd President of the United States 1945 - 1953.

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