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  This is the genealogy of two Italian Americans, my grandparents: 
                   Joseph F. Periconi Sr. and  Anna Marino.

         If there are errors I, Paul Periconi, their grandson, is the sole person responsible. My 
         expressed purpose for writing a web site dedicated to these two grandparents, one who died
         the year before I was even born, and the other I rarely saw growing up in no way negates my 
         responsibility to do the best job I can regarding these two Italian-Americans. Pictures 
         and comments had been collected by my wife, Ann, long before I even thought of writing a 
         web site. I have taken her work, pictures and stories from my mother and father, pictures 
         they had taken before and after they met and put together all that follows. 

         My main hope is that one of my children will continue with this never ending family experience 
         until, well until there are no more Periconi's to add.

  In addition to the extended families that may still exist in Italy, there are 
  those connecting family lines right here in the United States. 

    Multiple spellings of  Periconi:

       Pericone is the most common alternate spelling of the name PERICONI
   Surnames in the family:

     Azana, Christine, Crisanta, Crisera, Criss, LoCascio, Mankoff, Marino, McCullough,
           Millspaugh, Moulthrop, Papantonio, Pericone, Periconi, Polimessi, Scovotti, 
              Scovotto, Spinella, Zimmatore

   Connecting family lines:

    B:     4 Oct 1813  Giuseppe or Joseph D. Pericone married Maria Polimessi
    B:    12 Oct 1844  Giovanni or John Pericone married Grace M. Spinella
    B:     2 Jul 1872  Giuseppe or Joseph F. Periconi (Sr) married Anna Marino
    B:       Jul 1878  Maria or Mary Periconi married Giovanni or John Crisera
    B:    22 Jan 1883  Domingo F. M. Periconi married Elizabeth T. Millspaugh
    B:    28 Jul 1885  Giovanni or John Periconi married Concetta Azana
    B:     4 Dec 1901  Grace Periconi married John Zimmatore
    B:     2 Oct 1903  Guiseppa or Josephine M. Periconi married Paul Locascio
    B:    14 Jul 1910  Joseph F. Periconi (Jr) married Rosemary Scovotti
    B:    12 May 1912  Helen Periconi married Louis Mankoff
    B:    12 Feb 1898  Dominick or Harry (Crisera) Christine married Rose Papantonio
    B:    14 Jul 1906  Samuel T.(Crisera) Criss married Mary McCullough
    B:    23 Sep 1911  Eugene A. Periconi married Ruth E. Moulthrop
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             We would be happy to hear from you and to check the relationship out.

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